ProSimParts cockpit panels

Cockpit panels for Boeing 737

ProSimParts cockpit panels

Build a cockpit without going broke

We are passionate for flight and flight simulation and we want to offer the opportunity to build your home cockpit at a affordable price for the best quality.

We are proud to offer the best price.

Compare the price but also the quality of our products.

We believe everyone has a different notion of quality / price ratio, and this is why we offer three levels of quality.

For let us not forget, all cockpit flight simulation should be fun and not a factor in unnecessary expenses.
It's pointless to demand the same qualities as the instruments used in the real aircraft actually fly and must ensure security for both the flight to the areas flown. 

In simulation, none of that!

This is why it is unnecessary to spend big bucks to achieve the same characteristics as the real flight instruments.

You'll find panels on the market priced out of the simple simulation! 

What is really important? Create a visual environment as close as possible to reality, isn't? 

Therefore, let us ask ourselves some questions:
Is it really essential that the panels are of the same thickness as the real?
Is it really necessary that it be made with the same materials? 

ProSimParts therefore offers three levels of quality and finish but always with the aim of preserving an unbeatable price.

BASIC Series

The most affordable price for the same quality of what you can find in the market.
The only difference is the price!!
Take a look and you will see!


This series is for who want a product more finished and close to the real panels.
There are sold assembled with the necessary hardware and ready to connect to the input/ouput cards of your choice.

The price is the best in the market.
Take a look and compare!

PRO series

For the most demanding enthousiast.

The Pro Series is made with the same attention than the Standard Series but the back plate is in aluminium (2 mm).

The panel is very close than the real one found in a true plane cockpit.
The price is the best ever seen in the market respect quality.


  BASIC Series STANDARD Series PRO Series
Front panel Plexiglass 3 mm inclus    
Front panel Plexiglass 5 mm inclus/included  inclus inclus
Back panel Plexiglass 3 mm inclus inclus   
Back panel aluminium 2 mm     inclus
Accessories included (switches, encoders, displays,...) included for Overhead (with accessories) inclus inclus
Backlight leds 5 mm included   inclus  
Backlight PRO included     inclus
Assembled   inclus inclus
Hardware panel included inclus inclus inclus
Knob(s) for pot or encoder(s) included included for Overhead (with accessories) inclus inclus
Necessary cables included     inclus
DZUS (alu) with bolts and nuts painted included   Included  inclus

Take a look and make your choice!

ProSimParts Team



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